Better that I’m far
away than engaged,
to be honest. Space
is at a premium,
and I’ve bought
enough to last
me years. Better
that I don’t engage,
to be frank. Reindeer
games are distracting.
I can’t control
my reactions. Hum
of cycling air dries
the sorrows I place
on the floor. Better
that I don’t dwell,
don’t linger, don’t
cross your path.
I’m like a black cat
with big tits. I’m like
a misery chick
with a doctorate
in independent living.
Approach at your peril.

Josette Torres received her MFA in Creative Writing from Virginia Tech. She also holds a BA in English and Creative Writing from Purdue University. Her work has previously appeared in *82 Review, escarp, The New Verse News, Eunoia Review, and elsewhere. She is currently a doctoral student in cultural thought in the ASPECT Program at Virginia Tech.

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