Point A to point B, draw a line, a squiggle, a circle, something…

Point A to point B, draw a line, a squiggle, a circle, something.
I don’t mind the pissing contests much.
It was a rope! Enough for personal mythology.
That’s what I meant by the concept being the repressed soft underbelly. A hunger that has
            yet to be satisfied.
Rabelais apparently pissed and the Seine was born.
I did a little research on it the first time I got one.
In a word, the disappointment was profound― how did such sloppy thinkers ever get
            taken seriously?
I never finished the paper. In fact, talk dirty to me.
Was he charlatan, savior, or just another wrong number?
Congratulazioni, Chef Boyardee!!
I am very happy and interesting for you.

Note on the Text

Correspondences is composed of 62 poems assembled while cleaning out personal email ahead of a swift termination date at an old job. It took 11 hours and 46 minutes. I don’t know why I timed it. I was thinking about my time there as congealed labor, though I didn’t do much of anything for 20 hours a week in my hidden cubicle. All lines are written by correspondents to me (and so “found” in a specific sense, perhaps “addressed” would be a better term). I normalized the punctuation and capitalization a bit for consistency. Only one line was taken from any given email. Many poets’ prose is poached here, but none from the Atlanta group (where I would read this material as soon as it was written).

John Lowther’s work appears in the anthologies The Lattice Inside (UNO Press, 2012) and Another South: Experimental Writing in the South (University of Alabama Press, 2003), and Stone, River, Sky: An Anthology of Georgia Poems (Negative Capability Press, 2015). Held to the Letter, co-authored with Dana Lisa Young, is forthcoming from Lavender Ink. His website: http://lowtherpoet.wordpress.com.

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