This Weekend

She will return this weekend from Frankfurt, where
she lives with her wife and two sons.
She will drop her bags and wrap
her bare, taunt arms around
my wide, plump arms. She will smell of something
delicate and expensive.
She will sleep in her old room,
unobserved and wild.
I’ll remember the first night
I brought her home from the hospital –
feeling nervous, awakened and complete.
Just as I do now.
In the morning, she will push aside
the imported muesli I’ve kept on standby
for 3 idillis and sambar. She’ll stand by the sink and
froth BRU coffee just as I taught her.
She’ll bake my favourite lemon cake
and clean the house. She’ll glow
with harsh realities and femininity.
I’ll think of my life.
I’ll think of being someone’s something.
Women bleed. Not just anatomically.
Perceptively. Benevolently. Selflessly.
I’ll remember, she too, has become a woman
with a pomegranate heart.

Vaishnavi Nathan is passionate about using language to explore one’s identity, social change and the various mediums of arts and culture. Her work has been published in The Harpoon Review, Eunoia Review, The Blue Hour, Glitterwolf Magazine and others. She holds a degree in Language and Intercultural Communication (French and Spanish) from University of South Australia. She lives and works in Singapore.

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