Grandma’s House

Gently the fan spins –
it is a power cut
in 37 Chai Chee
and the wind has become
nothing but a stale trace of
vibhuti and agarbatti*.
In the shadows,
we held brass bells
to find each other
as we drifted
through the house.
Should I live blind
in a landscape of
cimmerian shade, may
the lights never return.
Here in the void
you have left behind,
I still wait for the chimes
from your temple
to find my way home.

*Incense used in Hindu prayers

Vaishnavi Nathan is passionate about using language to explore one’s identity, social change and the various mediums of arts and culture. Her work has been published in The Harpoon Review, Eunoia Review, The Blue Hour, Glitterwolf Magazine and others. She holds a degree in Language and Intercultural Communication (French and Spanish) from University of South Australia. She lives and works in Singapore.

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