Corners & Eternity

These fingers
have been writing poems
this week and I’m not
sure what drives them
to do so

but I know some nights
I want to be remembered
after this crazy ride
as another paragraph
in a literature book
if they’ll make those in
the future

Some nights I want
back streets in artsy towns
to carry my name
and at night when the fourteen-
year-olds smoke their parents’
cigarettes on the corners,
I want them to wonder who I was.

Some nights I want beat souls
to read my words and chew
on them like Laffy Taffy
as they sift through another
empty night with a beer
and untied work boots.

But these poems probably
won’t do that.
I’d toss them in the trash can
by the corner of my desk
but no one writes on paper
anymore and I’m writing this
on my phone

But some nights
I admire the beauty of absence
like how the still of twilight
gives way to daybreak
and we never mourn the star-covered
We just admire them while they
hang above our heads
and forget about them as
the sun rises

Damian Rucci is a writer and poet from New Jersey. His work has recently appeared in Beatdom, Yellow Chair Review, and Indiana Voice Journal. He is the host and founder of the Poetry in the Port reading series based out of Keyport, New Jersey. Damian is the author of Tweet and Other Poems (Maverick Duck Press, 2016), Symphony of Crows (Indigent Press, 2015), and The Literary Degenerate blog, which you can read here:

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