At Some Point

You realize you have all the wrong opinions.
At some point
you realize a crowd surrounds you
to tear apart your legs.
At some point
they will succeed
and at the point you are
the same size
they will poke out your eye.

Joel Dietz’s poetic journey started at a young age as he contemplated the winds and the trees. The winds blew him to many different countries as he took on his study of ancient civilizations and esoteric civilizations. In the end it blew him to California, where he set up an arts center that combines his interests in the visual arts, music, poetry, and innovative new technology.

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2 Responses to At Some Point

  1. SheryL♥ says:

    Hi! Thanks a lot for the follow!
    Great blog here! 🙂

  2. M.J.Fisher says:

    I love the addition of your journey. Beautiful touch.

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