Votive Offering

that time in Jogja
the hotel balcony on Sosrowijayan
rain thick as a curtain
the sugared tea sweet as _____________

tonight we’ll go & dine
at a hotel for the rich
then I’ll wrap you
in yards of spun cloth

I’ll take you back east
to the one who called your name
as he built your true forest home

we’ll stay there   among the ruins

till our fingertips

                                 can no longer bear it

Jennifer Mackenzie is the author of Borobudur (Transit Lounge, Melbourne, 2009), republished in Indonesia as Borobudur and Other Poems (Lontar, Jakarta, 2012), and is currently working on a new collection, Map/Feet. She also reviews poetry and fiction from and about the Asia-Pacific region.

Jennifer has presented her work at many festivals and conferences in Asia, including the Ubud and Irrawaddy Festivals, and recently completed a writing residency at Seoul Art Space_Yeonhui in March and April of 2016.

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