joan of arc’s lover

after Emily Rose Cole’s “Poem in Which You Are Joan of Arc’s Lover”

you expected her to
bite, to emit a battle
cry, but she is silent in
lovemaking, her eyes
pale as salt pillars of a
woman disobeyed.

when she unhooks her
mouth and her eyes flash
blue, she gasps names of angels
in strange tongues—
malchiel, gavriel, castiel

you know
that if she rakes her
nails down your back,
tongues at the valleys
of your hipbones, god
will lightning-strike down
your spine.

Odelia Fried is a student, poet, and actor based in NYC. Their work can be found in The Fem, Cleaver Magazine, Melancholy Hyperbole, Lavender Review, as well as other literary magazines. Their passions include gender identity, Judaism, adolescence, and the intersections of the three. They can be found on Twitter at @odeliafried.

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