private schools and sports clubs

I don’t believe it’s worth
mentioning as I stir
and jab this plastic straw
into my caramel whirlpool.

But I think I’ll shudder less
if I pull at my ears.

“How do you make your drinks?”

I am always walking
to work against the wind,
holding onto a plastic bag
that hugs another old jar.

“World Market has a lot,
and so does Tim’s.”

“But it’s not Starbucks.”

She shakes her head
and lands her palms
on a blotched, overworked
two-legged break room table.

When I was fourteen,
I didn’t know of softball.

“So? It tastes the same.”

But we love our daughters
and we want them to smile
and who the fuck am I
to suggest a D.I.Y.?

“It’s got to be a Starbucks.
After every practice.”

Call it a false analogy,
but I find your questions odd
about my family, my public high school,
and who paid for my degree.

Kristine Brown is a freelance writer and editor whose first poetry collection, Scraped Knees, was released by Ugly Sapling in early 2017. Her writing has appeared in Thought Catalog, Inflight Literary Magazine, Burningword Literary Journal, Rambutan Literary, Forage Poetry, among other publications. She amuses herself with experimental milkshakes and blogs at

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