Frankenstein (Palindrome-Sonnet, Shakespearean)

Deeds, lives allay me. Man, not law, decide.
End loyal rot, civilian as a god.
Parts mix a monster, frets no maker tied.
A menace. Voltage, blade my arts. Too, rods
pack, row to rot. Stuck carcass, end a sleep!
Dial lips. Name, beg a raven egg of doom.
Moored on an idle here, we rift, rates deep.
Speed, set art, fire. We’re held in anode, room.
Mood, fog Geneva. Rage, be man. Spill aid.
Peel sadness a crack cuts. To rot, work caps.
Do root: Stray medal, beg at love, cane-made.
I trek. A monster frets. No maxims trap.
Dog! As a nail, I, Victor lay old need.
Iced Walton, name my all as evil’s deed!

Anthony Etherin is a UK-based writer of experimental poetry, prose, and music. His poems have appeared online in The Account, FIVE:2:ONE, and Pale Ghosts Magazine, and he has had leaflets or chapbooks published by No Press, Spacecraft Press, Penteract Press and The Blasted Tree. Find him on Twitter, @Anthony_Etherin, and via his website:

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