Pop Star

I’m inclined to consume, to cover you in fog,
A Kevlar vest, to hide what innocence is left.
The waves are quiet. Dead, maybe.
Come closer, my secret has a secret to tell you.
Where will tomorrow go? And will you still be next
To me when we are crawling back into the lagoon?
Maybe my secret’s secret knows, maybe
I’m too scared to ask. Today the weather calls
For sweaters and calendars of puppies yawning.
Is this the new Babylon? Quiet this dumb sound.
So I ask, What’s sexier: you or you?
The weekend is close and with it your hips ever
So slightly spread. A yawn, a moan, a lost coast
Lining the curves on the inside of your thighs.
I never not want to get paid to think of you dressed
In plaid, sprawled out on the comforter, as I pick
The cotton stuck to your skin.

C. J. Miles’ debut collection of poetry is What Is Anything Without Pandas (Ampersand Books, 2017). His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Forklift, Ohio, Cease, Cows, Jet Fuel Review, Five 2 One Magazine, and Moonglasses Magazine. More of his work is available online at https://cjmilespoet.wordpress.com. He currently lives in Iowa with his wife and can be found on Twitter at @cjmilespoet.

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