here you sit as a paper
cutout astronaut, your vest clinging onto your frame
with lilliputian tabs. you whisper commands with
voice disguised as gossamer wisps
of burnt oregano, your hands grasping on your
guitar oar. the accompanying beetle orchestra blurs
into van gogh dusk, and i long to make the galactic
ocean echo his pregnant nights. as you close your
eyes to prevent light leaks, please,
pull on this heart like you pull
on the sea* –
i have been told i am

*The lines “pull on this heart like you pull / on the sea” are based off “That Moon Song” by Gregory Alan Isakov.

Benedicta J. Foo writes about lonely people and lonely places. Her work has been published in a number of Southeast Asian literary journals and anthologies; it has also won at the National Poetry Competition in Singapore.

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