Evergreens drop their needles
and leave a soft path of decay.
At the end
lies a black pool
surrounded by willows.
The long branches guide
raindrops onto the pool’s surface.
The water is deep as grief.


Though we live
in denial
Death touches us all.
We must face
the inevitable conclusion
of our story. It is a novel
that seduces our attention
so we keep reading
even though we know
the end.

Ed Krizek holds a BA and MS from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA and MPH from Columbia University. He has published over seventy articles, poems and short stories in various publications, and won prizes in several poetry and short story competitions. Ed’s latest publications are a book of poems titled Swimming With Words and a short story collection titled Memories Lost. You can see more of his work at https://www.edkrizekwriting.com.

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