She had swallowed loads
but the red-tipped curving magnet
weighed down like a magic stone

She felt attracted to lampposts,
scaffolding, golf clubs
anything long, grey
tasting of blood

Sucking a paperclip
fingering a coin, she slinked
past every shop
unharmed until the kebab house

They found her on the curb,
skewered down the throat
and pierced through the heart
a mercury smile across
her raw iron face

Luigi Coppola teaches and writes in London, England. Poems have appeared/will appear in: Acumen, Anon, Algebra of Owls, Antiphon, The Asses of Parnassus, Equinox, 14, The Frogmore Papers, Gold Dust, Ink Sweat & Tears, Iota, Lighten Up, Magma, The Ofi Press Magazine, One Sentence Poems, Orbis, Other Poetry, Pennine Platform, Poetry Digest, The Rialto, THE SHOp, Snakeskin, SOUTH, Strange Poetry and Stride Magazine. Poems, recordings and information can be found at

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