Lost My Marbles

You say I have lost my marbles
But I can still see them rolling along the kitchen floor
The red one comes to a stop underneath the fridge
Perhaps it is hiding from my grades
That are being slowly tortured into Ds
The green one lands in the dog’s bowl
It gets to drown in a pool of my broken promises
The black one leans against my mother’s shoe
It is tired out from the lies I tell so I can see my boyfriend
The white one jerks back and forth across the tiles
I’ve made it have a breakdown
Nerves so fried it can’t stay still
The rest stay in my hand
So I have some spare
For when I lose my marbles the next time

Eleanor Hurton is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts in New Zealand. Poetry is her passion and she hopes to share it with the world.

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3 Responses to Lost My Marbles

  1. So meaningful..miss eleanor

  2. That poem is destined to become Something Much Bigger.
    It has all the elements to stand the test of time. I look forward to reading more of your poetry.

  3. Nanny says:

    That is so perceptive and touching, my lovely one, but then your poetry has always been sooo good.

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