when this ends, do we play
dice on who gets to keep
the cats? the hamsters?
the lord of the rings collection?

do we split even the dividend
of our time together?
do we involve lawyers?
sign the papers with snide
remarks on your sleeptalking?
the names you murmur,
never mine.

do we share the therapist?
do i include the details on how
your eyes cloud when you
look at me, never seeing me?
will you tell her about my
constant nagging? the sarcasm
manifesting the words
unsaid; courses of action
unclaimed, long overdue.

what of the albums?
do we cut each photograph
in half and wipe the memories
clean of the other’s presence?

do we kiss goodbye?
– a final fuck? –
or do we merely sleep on
single beds until we forget
there was once a warm
body beside us?

Jocelyn Suarez is only sometimes a poet. Actually a nurse, she gathers inspiration from her experience at work, delving into the psychosocial intricacies of human relationships and expounding on issues such as death and human suffering. She has been included in a couple of SingPoWriMo anthologies and has participated in various spoken word events. She hopes to be able to write more poetry beyond the month of April and maybe even adopt a cat.

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One Response to Divorce

  1. Yes. That is just how it goes.

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