Eighth Grade Social Studies Test – Autumn 2026

Select the correct answer(s):

What did President Donald J. Trump say after throwing out the first ball of the 2018 season at Nationals Park in Washington?:

  1. Nolan Ryan told me he had never seen a ball thrown so fast. It was the fastest pitch he’d ever seen. I would have been a great, a great big league pitcher, but I was too busy making great deals and creating great, great jobs. My picture would have been all over the cover of Sports Illustrated. Even more covers than that has-been Michael Jordan.
  2. The Nationals’ catcher is a loser, a real loser. Sad. That ball did not bounce before it got to him. He’s a liar. He screwed up and he knows it.
  3. There were probably a million people in the park just to see me throw out the first pitch. Am I good for attendance, or what? Don’t believe what those dishonest reporters tell you. They’re scum. Believe me, a million people, easily. Most ever to be crammed into that ball park.
  4. How did my hair look? Was it mussed?

What new institutions were established during Donald Trump’s presidency?

  1. The Library of Tweets
  2. The Repeal and Replace Museum
  3. The Smithsonian Institution of Fake News
  4. All of the above

After the building of the Great Wall of Trump along the Mexican border, what restrictions were imposed?

  1. No pole vaulting within 100 yards of the wall.
  2. All ads on the wall must be in English and no ads by media outlets except Fox News.
  3. Border guards could not bring meals or snacks to work but had to eat at one of the 37 new Trump Wall-eterias.
  4. No one of Mexican extraction was allowed within 25 miles of the wall unless they could show proof of a current U.S. country club membership.

What was Donald J. Trump’s slogan in the 2016 presidential election?

  1. Make America Grate Again
  2. Let’s All Grab Them Down There
  3. Lock Her Up
  4. I’m the only one who can fix it

When an alligator came charging at President Trump on the golf course at Mar-a-Lago, who came to his rescue?

  1. A Secret Service agent
  2. A golf caddy
  3. Jared Kushner
  4. No one

Larry McCoy is a retired journalist who has had two books published by Sunstone Press; one on aging, Did I Really Change My Underwear Every Day?, and a news memoir, Everyone Needs an Editor (Some of Us More Than Others). His humor pieces have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Newsday and other major newspapers. He has a website: http://www.larrymccoyonline.com.

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