Crossing the Train Tracks to School in Spring

It smelled like chrysanthemums
                                    petals like anthems and
                                    hymns we were inwardly
                                                            eagerly swallowing

smelled like chrysanthemums
                                    humming, we answered our
                                    our own easy questions
                                    and best-mislaid plans for the days in the summertime

we were invincible, April-by-principle, teenagers waiting for
bikes across train tracks and
backpacks in corners and
orders for french fries and                        summertime

but nothing
the April despair when
the air that is lilac and tenderly blooming
assuming the future
is ruined –

pedestrian suicide

Sarah Valeika is a poet whose works have been featured in Red Fez, Navigating The Maze, The Fem and The Noisy Island, among other e-journals.

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