Law of Fluidity

this is how time moves:
pill bottles rolling up wooden tables,
rain running down thin glass like
it’s chasing itself.
oranges on windowsills
casting shadows long & rounded,
breathing colors dark & sleepy like Death—
something sad / something fading.
look at the sun & see how it dips
below your line of sight,
withdrawing into itself like a
jaded turtle.
a whore caught dead in the middle
of a thunderstorm, rain going
pum pum pum.
nothing sadder / nothing more liberating.

Cindy Song is a high school junior at Richard Montgomery High School. Her poetry has recently been published in CICADA Magazine, TRACK//FOUR, National Poetry Quarterly, and The Rising Phoenix Review. She has also been recognized by the Bethesda Urban Partnership, Hollins University, and the Reflections program. When not writing, Cindy likes taking walks and listening to music.

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