Here’s to the girls who bite secrets off
bitter blues ends &
stamp their wounds into the dirt. Girls
who run fingernails
down a back like peeling the skin off a
yellow fruit. There
is a hollow somewhere in the sidewalk
filled with stained
letters & cigarette butts like a treasure
chest that’s sunk to
the ocean bottom. Do you feel this too?
I scream at the clouds.
Helpless & out of control like the wind
is strangling you?

Muscles clenching and unclenching, toes
curling into the dirt,
uncurling. Somewhere it is still but here
there is only motion:
naked, invisible, unrooted from the earth.

Cindy Song is a high school junior at Richard Montgomery High School. Her poetry has recently been published in CICADA Magazine, TRACK//FOUR, National Poetry Quarterly, and The Rising Phoenix Review. She has also been recognized by the Bethesda Urban Partnership, Hollins University, and the Reflections program. When not writing, Cindy likes taking walks and listening to music.

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