a few separate thoughts

the first thought i have is
if I saw you tonight
it would be no man’s land.

we’d be caught guns raised
in the place between the honor we are defending
and the burn of our skin,
finally. foolishly
i hadn’t thought ahead to my second thought about
loving you.

i would kiss your mouth
last supper greedy
quickly unfolding
and hands, violets exploding
like in that starling song.

my third thought:
we will never, not ever
see who our children would look like.

i would follow the path of lines around your eyes
this time careful not to shake
the stillness of your stare
a related thought:
american blue and smooth
your irises and sea glass.
high on adderall we combed the beach
built jewelry boxes, lit fireworks
never once feeling the grains of sand on our backs.

i must not have heard you,
shoulder to shoulder
our freckles constellating
our future spoken
in billowing, white sentences
escaping heavenbound from our mouths.
a creeping thought, past midnight;
                                    a dream that wakes me.

Lauren Ebright is an emerging writer living and forgetting to breathe deeply in the Pacific Northwest. Her work can also be found online at Dime Show Review.

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