caution, cytotoxic

teach me what it means to be fogged
like cloud cover over your precipice
amygdala yawning. It’s almost the last
time and for fuck’s sake
won’t you just take your pill this time?
round and yellow blue and white
methotrexate perhaps, colors blend
into one kind of side effect.

just teach me of dichotomies and heroes
of choosing the least worst out of
necessary evil; when the underdog
claws his way up again; let’s take the fire
escape, tumble down towards anarex
and sleep. 4.20 on the clock offered
humming of the confluence of coffee
and briyani shows up in the sewage, side effects.

Ryan Foo is a student of the liberal arts. He enjoys writing, playing the guitar and the struggle of life, but he chooses to spend most of his time on people. Some people call him a charmer, others call him a playboy. He hopes to be the former.

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