stroke my hair as my mother did,
get me in touch with that hope and innocence
again, fold my laundry and plant kisses on my
forehead again, cradle me in your
everlasting arms, I want to drown forever
in your many pools,
I have so much to learn,
my iron sights tied close to

dark pools of longing and forbearance.
many methods of pleasing oneself,
stroke me as you do, get me touching
your innocence and fold me into yourself and
don’t let go, don’t stop, iron sights.
I have so much to learn. tied immutably to you.
I keep turning back. I’m lost in your arms.
cradle me again. I wish to drown in your laundry.

Ryan Foo is a student of the liberal arts. He enjoys writing, playing the guitar and the struggle of life, but he chooses to spend most of his time on people. Some people call him a charmer, others call him a playboy. He hopes to be the former.

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One Response to JOCASTA

  1. Jack Bennett says:

    It’s a nice poem.. Somehow unsettling to me, haha. Slowly turning to a partner and depending on them for maternal care.. I suppose we all do this without meaning to? Good read.

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