The Promised Land

We plant seeds of gold ashes mixed in soil
beneath a lilting horizon, digging our hands deep
under earth as soft as an ache. We wait for vegetation.

We think, the world is more than these rice fields
of sunlight and sweat. Beyond this lavender skyline
lies a land of lemonade sunrises and opportunity.

A vision of light and liberty, strolling down city
street veins hand-in-hand. Strangers with smiles
on their faces and arms extended in warmth.

America: our hearts sing to thee,
listen to our mellifluous melody, the music
of aspirations surging like a distant monsoon.

My ancestors plant seeds of hope, unraveling
crimson strings of fate, replaced with hard work
and pipe dreams—yearnings for a better tomorrow.

Our hands worn and faces haggard, juxtaposed
with eyes brimming luminous light.
We think, we have found the promised land.

Vivian Lu is a fifteen-year-old high school sophomore from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Her poetry has been published in -Ology Journal, Best of Sprout, and BioLiterary Journal. In addition, her work has been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and Creative Communications. In her free time, she enjoys studying psychology and trying new flavors of tea.

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