How To Be The Exact Opposite Of Ezra Pound

  1. Admit you are fully irrational and accept responsibility for it.
  2. Buy a Chinese-English dictionary, select a random word, and put its literal English translation into the poem you’re writing.
  3. Use the benefits of obscurity to satisfy marginalized stomachs.
  4. Prefer hearing popular songs sung in overflowing unison to reading endless sheet music in the library.
  5. Vote against Donald Trump, then blame your busy self for not doing enough when the world still ends up going to shit.
  6. Stay in places where you don’t feel you belong and reach contentment by helping whoever needs and asks for it.
  7. Immediately distrust anything purporting to uncover that a marginalized group is somehow ruling the world and hiding the truth from everyone.
  8. Have contempt for individuals who try to show off their tolerance by forgiving you on behalf of anyone other than themselves.

Seed text: Page 108 of Collins Beginner’s Chinese Dictionary, First Edition. Translations incorporated: fully, buy, satisfy, overflowendless, busy, reach, hide the truth, show off.

This is a reprint of work originally published in Uut Poetry.

Catherine B. Krause is a queer, disabled, and polyamorous transgender lunatic living in Niagara Falls, NY. Her poetry appeared in Eunoia Review in 2014 and has also appeared in Rabbit Ears: TV Poems, The Opiate, and The Lake, among other places.

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