Dreamcatcher #2

1. There was a time when we could travel
To the top of a cliff, to watch a city blush
After rains.

2. Royina, let me tell you how stars are made.
Don’t be afraid. They aren’t gods.
Neither are we.

They were mortals like us, whose feelings
Grew too pristine for their hearts.

Do you know what happens
When all your love,
All your hatred,
And indifference
Crumbles into itself?

That’s where time stops, at the edges.
That’s where lovers go, when they’re afraid
Of goodbyes.

3. Royina, you always wanted your lover
To be exactly five inches taller than you
So you could kiss him like they do
On Sunday television.

Royina, you don’t believe me, when I say
Your lover will be just tall enough
To look over your shoulder,
And sleep in your bed
With feet sticking out, off the other end.

4. There is a seventeen-year-old girl
Who lives in a city just like yours.
Who writes like magic
And talks to people,
Like they are all
Interesting stories.

Royina, do you think it’s unhealthy
If I let thoughts of her magic consume me?

I walk around the square feet of my room
And wonder if chasing her words
Will bring me sleep.

5. Royina, what scares me, is knowing
That there is a bigger magic
Happening in the palm of our hands.

Than we know what to do with
In our small lives.

Born in 1993, Nilesh Mondal has lived most of his life in the small town of Asansol. An undergraduate in engineering by choice, he stumbled onto poetry by chance. His works have been published in various magazines and e-journals like The Bombay Review, Café Dissensus, Muse India, Inklette, KitaabColdnoon Travel Poetics, etc.

He currently works as a writer for Terribly Tiny Tales and Thought Catalog, as prose editor for Moledro Magazine, and as an intern at Inklette. His first book of poetry, Degrees of Separation (Writers Workshop), is scheduled for release in 2017.

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