We read at an open mic night down the street from your place in Long Beach. I was obsessed with negative space then: knowing something by what’s next to it. The next time we meet, we are studying at your place. Lying on your bed, and I am so curious about what softness feels like and want to remember the taste of cherries. Years on, my friend from Italy and I visit you in San Francisco. We have a picnic, and we three confess things are only easy right now because we don’t have a next step. Spring break ends in 3 days, and my friend and I are leaving tomorrow.

Trevor Kaiser Allred is a writer and arts enthusiast. In 2016, he was a poetry judge for the 9th volume of DASH Literary Journal and has also been published in Ant vs. Whale and Boned. An advocate of the literary arts, he works with 1888 Center to grow the community. Keep in touch with him on Twitter (@TrevKAllred) or learn more at

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