& & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & Then

On the seventh day God made emojis, face paint, Spider-Man hanging upside down as he makes out with an entire city. Wikipedia as bible. Bible as flood, famine, hundreds of frogs falling on an ambulance. It’s raining. The ambulance flips. It’s been so long, I don’t remember who dies. We’ve only got three more Januaries to go until the magnolias bloom again. & the pill I was given is not the pill I am taking. Who am I to wonder who I am? When did I start dreaming so dumb? An alien microwaving a package of Easy Mac, my mother birthing spring even though the doctor took those parts from her years ago. You dressed in nothing but your green apron, doing whippets in the backseat of a Pontiac. When did I buy this suit? I don’t remember climbing the mountain but here I am, in this suit I don’t remember buying, dropping lemmings off the ledge.

Gregory Sherl is the author of a novel, The Future for Curious People, and three collections of poetry. His newest collection, What Is Anything Without Pandas, is forthcoming later this year.

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