You Were How I Skipped Class & Still Passed Anatomy

Should I introduce myself or will my confusion do it for me?
Ten years later & I still don’t know which pill
I’m supposed to take first, so I take all four at the same
time & give a wink to the future I forget
I’m waiting for. The woman I will always be in
love with is on the other side of the room,
practicing a magic trick where all of her clothes
fall off & forget how to get back on.
When did they stop putting black hats on the bad guys?
Why does love grow wings even when you don’t ask it to?
So I ask: will I always fear what I love most?
& what is to come when nothing is promised?

Gregory Sherl is the author of a novel, The Future for Curious People, and three collections of poetry. His newest collection, What Is Anything Without Pandas, is forthcoming later this year.

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