What Were You Doing In The Great Outside Is The Mystery In Sydney And I Am Lost

after Kappa Quartet

In the blue hour, pleasantries are wet like the moon.
The last time we’ve been here, you wanted to see the cherry blossoms.
The car-side ashtray is a tea light holder but the chorus bores another.
Since there were no recounts on the daylight savings,
Mr. Five, you must have heard this story before.
“Somewhere there is a book, and in it I am a character,”
We were running around pushing the shopping cart under the sun.
Between the guileless teapot of chrysanthemum
and A Love Supreme, I saw your tear in a frisson.
There were these boxes I wanted to fill, your dregs,
the bus routes complex, and there was barely any stout left.
Beside the jazz bar at slipstream, the reeds cling onto
a soulless catatonia and we are in tears again.
“a few pages later I am nowhere to be seen.”

Iain Lim Jun Rui is a Mass Communications diploma graduate from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and an aspiring poet and filmmaker. He is a winner of the Love Poetry Competition (piece forthcoming in Love at the Gallery anthology) and finalist in the National Poetry Competition 2017 organised by Poetry Festival Singapore. He is published in the ASINGBOL anthology and SingPoWriMo 2016: The Anthology, and has upcoming works in SingPoWriMo 2017: The Anthology, The Utama Review and Twin Cities anthology.

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