It Is Late And I Caught My Amygdalae Talking To Each Other

Today I am stumped
by the dark and I need my
gin. Or a cup of tea.

What about yesterday’s lunch?
White broth and a slice of fish?

I haven’t written (on)
the bed in seventeen weeks.
My labrum aches. Shit.

Your physiotherapist knows
you haven’t been doing it.

Have I lost some weight?
An itch tells me I’m hungry.
Sometimes, I can’t sleep.

The forms were not sent to the
surgeon. The stuffed giant bear.

The theatre is
an escape from the blue sea.
Also jazz music.

There is smoke in the laundry.
“You can’t smoke in the laundry!”

You’re not supposed to
rat me out—feel my goddamn
balls you fucking whore.

Readymade cupcakes are sweet.
Five pumps later, you’re sweeter.

These are not film reels
caressing in the moonlight.
Everyone can see.

It’s three in the morning when
there are mud crabs in the Straits.

Dancer in the Dark!
We just love Lars von Trier.

Or was it Children of Men
we wanted to see again.

I broke an ensign
today and I no longer
remember your taste.

It’s sunset and we should go.

Was I drunk to stay
in my room as a prism
in a cup of tea?

Iain Lim Jun Rui is a Mass Communications diploma graduate from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and an aspiring poet and filmmaker. He is a winner of the Love Poetry Competition (piece forthcoming in Love at the Gallery anthology) and finalist in the National Poetry Competition 2017 organised by Poetry Festival Singapore. He is published in the ASINGBOL anthology and SingPoWriMo 2016: The Anthology, and has upcoming works in SingPoWriMo 2017: The Anthology, The Utama Review and Twin Cities anthology.

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