Help Is What I Need

Cheers Dr Michael,

Mescaline, it’s all the same! It touches your fingertips and Sartre’s fear of crustaceans for all to see. No one is sprawled on the river banks without a celery stalk and a sprinkle of pepper and salt. Unbuckle the belts on the glass of wine, Justine suggests Beethoven’s Ninth under the magic cave (careless coincidence awaits the hungry) hiding a handful of chillies and the burlesque girl cries. Just the reverse jumper, rhubarb likes a nightcap, provolone notes the romper and the bar manifesto is licorice licorice licorice licorice licorice roots and the same scent star anise in an ouzo.

Must be odd. Must be weird. Must be queer. What a happy occasion! Happy Hour! Delightful associations, my sling! Slingshot to the Easterlies! This forum is humid, good god, finish the pint, purge and take the fried rice supper away, to the lowball where it belongs! What inebriations! I must have remembered my youth! My sorrow-less stargate! Personal anarchy! Readily drinkables! Sweet Molotov! A tiny umbrella garnish! No car keys! Abject freedom! And that’s what you need!

Forget these regulations. My capitalist! These are my powdered notes. Your half-amputated armchair, my flat engines. Bookshelves of my prime. Resting on platform melodies, half-shaken, half-stirred, half crushed ice, a teaspoon of nitrogen, blowtorched florets (sage and thyme!), warm snifter, furrowed night dress, now displaying empty Cobblers. How far along? Polite doomsday clock! The young poet is here! Indecisions! Pain in the legs! Cassette tapes of regrets! Scratching the back, rubbing its back, it’s help asking for help, help between kahlua cups and coffee spoons and yellow window panes! There’s the need for an intervention! A break in! Metastasis! The drying watering hole! Spring of youth!

Remember no car keys. Take me.

Iain Lim Jun Rui is a Mass Communications diploma graduate from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and an aspiring poet and filmmaker. He is a winner of the Love Poetry Competition (piece forthcoming in Love at the Gallery anthology) and finalist in the National Poetry Competition 2017 organised by Poetry Festival Singapore. He is published in the ASINGBOL anthology and SingPoWriMo 2016: The Anthology, and has upcoming works in SingPoWriMo 2017: The Anthology, The Utama Review and Twin Cities anthology.

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