The Money Artist

He loved how the paper submitted to his will
folding under the pressure of his fingers
Each crease held feeling
Every paper pleat possessed love

He hated the unappreciative
after he gave his folded paper away
Their indifference heightened his insecurities
Unfortunately, some people were immune to his art
to his skill
to his creations

He did find that people took him more seriously
when they saw the care he put into his craft
the love he put into his dyed paper dragons
so he opened a streetside studio
where he displayed himself
in the window
making paper hydras
and he priced them
according to his labor – his love

And he failed
and his shop cost him money
and his wife was not happy
Then he had an idea –
He took paper money
from his bank
from his past
for his future
and folded the dollars
into mini green monsters
The coarseness of the currency
calloused his fingers
and his heart grew weary
but he made money

Not a lot
Just enough
to keep

Jason Fisk is a husband to one, a father to three, and a teacher to many. He lives and writes in the suburbs of Chicago. His long list of employment before becoming a teacher includes working in a psychiatric unit, laboring in a kitchen cabinet making factory, and mixing cement for a bricklayer. He was born in Ohio, raised in Minnesota, and has spent the last 25 years in the Chicago area.

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1 Response to The Money Artist

  1. Gail Waxman says:

    Jason, I continue to be delighted and amazed by your talent. I am proud to say I have known you for many years. With live and hugs

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