Complexities of heroism in art and the ways many have tried to go against it

They say in rabbits a digestive system can save someone from falling in love too quickly.

They sat on the living room floor hoping that their father would get up this time.

He’s sick, been lying in bed for a while.

He urged readers to detach themselves from feelings that may lead to any sort of emotional involvement.

The composer John Cage also rejected the celebration of the artist as an existential hero and the artwork as a masterpiece.

The artist attempting to fit his dick in any hole he can find.

Riley Hanson is an artist working out of Ann Arbor, MI, as well as a recent graduate of the University of Michigan. His work spans painting, poetry, sculpture, film, and performance. His most recent solo exhibition, titled when you care too much your guts slip out, was with Gallery Bypass in Detroit, MI. His upcoming exhibition it’s burning up in here baby will be with Kamihira Gallery in Philadelphia, PA, in September 2017.

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