Today the river is thick with wind

Today the river is thick with wind – a lifting, a clustering,
            a leaping up – the next day taut & holding everything –
Solstice & a new cold blues the sky – missing him I have little

doubt this means I cannot love you too – today, I have little doubt –
            love is just too rampant for that, estuarial –
bringing him back I would wring all the poisons out of him & the memory even

of poison itself – then I would place him by the river & say breathe – breathe in,
            breathe out – for a very long time – and he would – it’s hard not to imagine
cures & resurrections here – especially near this water where I walk with you sometimes –

how it takes the sounds of hammers, engines, sorrow & turns them into, not their inverse,
            but to a kind of joy that acknowledges, draws these things into itself, says is,

                                                            go on.

Catherine Owen has published ten collections of poetry and three of prose. She lives by the Fraser with her cats and works in film.

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