a bloom woke me

in snow, I found a bouquet
of lavender,
ground it to a powder
and put it on my tongue.

you spoke through
a bloom’s mouth—the snow
landing on your
minnowed stamen.

the trees were bright,
birthed, and lucid. shone
their speckled needles
in sweet dust.

a sift of white, smooth
in dreamer’s apparition—
hypnotized by petals
and dry grass at your mouth.

hunger pursued as
the winter bee
came carrying a
bloom with its tiny legs.

precious organ within
beat me with life.

the smell of spring returned.

Andrew Plevak lives in Denver, Colorado, with his poodle, Petunia. He studied creative writing at the University of Denver and is a proud MFA dropout. Andrew has been previously published in The DuBois Review and The Skinny Poetry Journal. In real life, Andrew is studying to be a speech therapist. However, poetry has and always will be his passion.

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