406 east 50th street

i am as tall as
the garage door now.
i lie across the steps
that lifted boots
damp from crunched
snow. i peer in the
kitchen, i knew it by
the finish of wooden
counters and peanut
butter breakfasts. i have
spent the week tracing
imaginary footsteps,
breathing parallel
universes, missing
the thoughts and values
and friends and prayers
that never came
to be. i see my life, one
step removed, one world
away, one history untold,
hidden in the swathes
of concrete and
whispers of time.

Jonathan B. Chan is an undergraduate at the University of Cambridge reading English. Born to a Malaysian father and Korean mother in the United States, Jonathan was raised in Singapore and sees his cultural tapestry manifest in his writing. He has recently been moved by the writing of Marilynne Robinson, Joan Didion, and Shūsaku Endō. His mind is preoccupied with questions of theology, love, and human expression.

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