Miscalculation Ode

the mad scientist forgot something.
a critical rounding error and human
progress tumbled down a blind alley.
canada post mixed up the test results:
congratulations! or, not. a barn owl
howled and fritz dropped the brain,
replaced it with the worst possible
choice. almost found a novel way
of saying ‘nostalgic for elephants’
but a purple sandpiper banged into
the glass, gripped the ledge like a
die-hard action hero. i panicked
and hit the wrong key, now it’s
time for string searches through
ghost files and oolong chai
with honey from local bees,
they feasted on milkweed
while we voted for crooks
or cyborgs, democracy’s
a powerful placebo. and
the hackwork the critics
called a masterpiece, its
howls of crucified outrage
echoed through the gallery.

Darrell Epp’s poetry has been published in over 100 magazines on 6 continents. His third collection, Sinners Dance, will be published in 2018.

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