While you were away,
  I could hear the tapping noise
every time the sky
  painted itself in dark
colors. Mother always says
  list the possibilities
but no: doors and windows
  bolted. The same way
the flowers in the backyard
  fold in their layers and depths
from the trance of night.
  Remember the ghost stories?
How you saw the silver wisps rise
  and linger over our beds?
Cower at pages yellowing
  at the corners, but as for me,
I’ll choose to celebrate. Cold wind,
  cold stars. I almost feel them
swirl around me as if this were a dance
  and I let my steps trace the beat
before the weight of gravity
  compels it to burn. This is me
breathing. Living is all about the descent.

Adam Zhou has been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards at the National Level and his works have appeared in The Rising Phoenix Review, What Rough Beast, The Kill List Chronicles, and Glass Kite Anthology. As a high school sophomore at the International School Manila, he has been subject to the wide array of exhibitions cultural perspectives have to offer and aims to share these through writing.

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