Haikai No Ku

I was satisfied
with the way you danced the waltz
until your fingers

mimicked beating drums.
A cadence gathering speed.
Staccatos drowning

and yet breathing more
than ever. They make me see
the bruises under

my clothes; I used glue
to patch sequins and stained glass
and flowers and meth.

I feel your fingers
now gripping, peeling off scraps
to keep for yourself

but beware. My lips
once touched can never be healed.
So, come. Come closer.

Adam Zhou has been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards at the National Level and his works have appeared in The Rising Phoenix Review, What Rough Beast, The Kill List Chronicles, and Glass Kite Anthology. As a high school sophomore at the International School Manila, he has been subject to the wide array of exhibitions cultural perspectives have to offer and aims to share these through writing.

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