A Literary Reading at the Empty Bottle

I watched his wife
standing there
in the front row
as he read

She reminded me of a politician’s wife
upright by her husband
no matter what

And he, like a seditious god,
crafted a freckled angular woman
that aroused his protagonist’s curiosity
and they slept together
but didn’t touch

And as he read
I looked for cracks
in his wife’s composure

And I wondered how she felt
about losing her husband
for hours at a time
to a woman
who didn’t

Joe Dolsen lives and writes in the suburbs of Chicago. He has worked as a mason’s assistant, in a cabinet making factory, and in a psychiatric unit. Find out more: https://joedolsen.blogspot.com.

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1 Response to A Literary Reading at the Empty Bottle

  1. Jay Gandhi says:

    In various poetry readings in India, this is a common trend. Friends and family of the poet generally make the audience. I loved the last stanza. Poets are often so much self involved that they often do not realise the amount of time and energy that is taken up by something that isn’t palpable

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