Certain Emotions

A high note trembling upon the string of a violin;
            a delicate glass bird perched on the edge of a writing desk.

The whistle of fireworks in a black sky;
            the blurring and clacking spokes of a bicycle wheel.

Piano keys mumbling in a muted minor key;
            the empty corner of a playroom with a soft carpeted floor.

The papery rustle of chiffon and linen;
            a rosebush with dark green leaves in late summer.

The squelch of a ripe orange being stepped on;
            garden weeds uprooted by hands in thick rubber gloves.

The muffled sound of running water in a faraway room;
            tumbled bedsheets of red and white silk at dawn.

The shrieks and yowls of an unfamiliar stray;
            the discordant twinkling of woodland fireflies.

A housecat’s steady purr to itself;
            warm sunlight falling upon a cup of tea and the morning mail.

L Friedman is a writer of poetry and prose, a student of history, and a devotee of the Gothic and the Shakespearean. They live in New England and can be reached by howling into the void – or, more reliably, at https://crookedbutinteresting.wordpress.com.

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