Night vision

Walking a rope between school and college,
between one day and the next,
I think it was my long hair

let me down. They pictured
a girl, maybe Joan of Arc
come to work on the château walls

all this week in a language
not my own. No glimmering,
but all life calls from the branch

outside my hut window.
Nightingale sings
and I see a path,

years stretched through a wood
in spring, smell success,
sweet love, sour loss

then meeting you.

Aziz Dixon draws on English Pennine and Welsh landscapes and life experiences. He has been published in Pennine Ink and online with Irwell Inkwell and Algebra Of Owls. He launched his latest collection, Poet Emerging, with a reading at the Burnley Literary Festival 2016 and on Radio Lancashire.

He has recently published in Grapevine (Lampeter), The MOON, Panoply, Perspectives Magazine (Ontario), Strix, The Fat Damsel, The Curlew, and Light. Aziz recently read at the RS Thomas Literary Festival, Eglwysfach, in September 2017, and at the Burnley Literary Festival in October 2017. His work featured in Best of Bolton, November 2017.

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