The days, months leading up to her death anniversary
are like being punched
in the lungs.
You’re gasping for breath.
You’re grasping for something that will ever be
The day of her death anniversary, you hear the clock ticking.
You wonder when the bombs of emotions will come.
You attempt to prepare
by letting your coworkers know and reminding your friends.
The day is here.
Nothing happens.
A few tears shed, dinner is skipped.
The next day arrives. Nothing happens.
It is not until the next month or so,
the forgotten bomb hidden in the mines of your thoughts
You hear your mother tongue on the street. Smell her perfume. See her round face on a stranger.
You explode –
That’s when it comes.
The pieces
beat the earth.
The shrapnel of feelings beats itself into the earth.
You, mon maman, in the earth.

Sahina Jerome is a lifelong writer and artist who just recently started performing her poems and short essays at open mics in the Lower East Side. Her work explores pain, hope, and the perils of online dating. When she’s not in front of a stage freeing her creative spirit, she can be found teaching students with special needs, and attending swing dancing events in 1950s fashion. Follow her on Instagram (@themoonspeaks) to see what inspires her.

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