I was informed by my dentist that I needed to come in more frequently for cleanings…

I was informed by my dentist that I needed to come in more frequently for cleanings. I told him to mind his own business and went on my way. Stopping by the cafe I had an absinthe. They misheard my order and had to remake the drink. Afterwards I headed home to go to sleep.

I always go to bed early so I can return to my dreams. I especially love dreams where I’m devoured by wild animals. This was a good one – the first attack was arranged by a pride of lions. They began by mauling my neck. Slowly they reached my stomach and intestines, using their large paws to hold my skeletal framework in place while pulling out my insides. After several hours the lions left and my body was picked over by carrion who had been waiting nearby. They worked haphazardly, moving on after a short while. Being as the lions approached during one of my water breaks (I’d been filling my canteens in a shallow river when they attacked) my body remained accessible to aquatic and semi-aquatic animals as well. The crocodiles had the next go and boy were they thorough. The fish were lucky to have any scraps at all.

Waking the next day I looked down at my body and touched the softness of my belly. I felt useless, undigested. But I knew the time would come. I lit a candle and said a prayer.

Nick LB Mack is a carpenter living in the western United States. His poetry and fiction has been published online and in print. He’s almost almost always writing.

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