The Picture Of Ryan Reynolds

Whenever I go over to her place
he’s there
in his Y-fronts
and there’s this mark
on his arm and the freckles
that look good on a man,
a just-right shade of tan too,
smoking brown.

When she and I link by the window,
in front of the TV, on the sofa,
there he is, smiling white
celebrity teeth
at her, at me.

I wonder if one day
I’ll go around and he’ll have gone,
that day
when she rolls his canvas
body up
and throws him away.

Stephen Seabridge is a poet and Creative Writing PhD student living in Staffordshire, UK. Most of his poetry has been published on the side of his Mum and Dad’s fridge, but he does have the odd breakthrough.

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1 Response to The Picture Of Ryan Reynolds

  1. Hahaa.. I believe that day will be far fetched given the picture is of Ryan Reynolds.

    PR Head
    The Floating Thoughts Team

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