A Huntsman’s Guilt

The story is beautiful, isn’t it?
Snow White escapes from evil queen
Because a kind huntsman spared her.
You learned he slaughtered a pig instead,
Gave its heart to the queen.
Cruel death averted,
Happy ending secured.

You forget, as history has,
That famine had devastated the land,
Leaving it void of any pig to kill.

Truth be told,
I presented her heart on a silver platter,
Still warm, to the queen,
Turned away so I wouldn’t watch her
Stab it with knives of gold and silver,
Spoon each morsel of throbbing flesh
Into her mouth,
Where her teeth, sharp as daggers,
Sliced them to shreds;
Wouldn’t see the blood, ruby-red,
Drip on the floor,
Staining the white marble crimson.

Later, I threw the gold coins into the river,
But the smell lingered on my hands.
My children went hungry that night.

Even now,
Her screams still echo in my head.

This is a reprint of work originally published by Medusa’s Laugh Press.

Sarah Ang is an eighteen-year-old professional daydreamer residing in Singapore, who often
spends her time staring off into the distance at nothing in particular. For her, writing is a way to transcribe these reveries into rational thought. Her work has been featured in publications such as Alexandria Quarterly, Medusa’s Laugh Press, and the Claremont Review, and recognised by international awards including first place in the IGGY and Litro Young Writers’ Prize, second place in the Blue Mountain Arts Poetry Contest, and third place in the Ledbury Poetry Competition.

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