Under Plastic Stars

We retreated to separate continents
with our grief. The energy
of motion still lodged beneath

our tongues, having found it
to be a home as good as any.
How long does it take to forget

or replace? Before memory is
the only antidote to metal?
I mean to ask if you would wish

for two more children to spit forth
sharp-jawed and perishable,
would forget so quickly

the tires that rolled beneath us,
ambulance hallowed and siren-less.
There is no rush. We have all the time

destruction could possibly take.
The wolves outside baying for flesh
are not the most blood-hungry creatures

for miles. I will not watch, I will not watch,
I will not watch.
And after?
Will you remember each divot

in the linoleum? Will you remember
the sound of silence,
of implacable emptiness?

Nikki Velletri is a high school student from Massachusetts. Her work has been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and can be found in Words Dance.

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One Response to Under Plastic Stars

  1. Ryan Stone says:

    Your writing is incredible, Nikki. Such a talent. Hopefully many more beautiful poems to follow 🙂

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