The Revolution of the Unexpected

The ocean has taken to the streets, schools of snappers,
needlefish, and flounders, walk on finned feet. Two hammerheads

neaten the summer hedge, as giant squids survey door to door.
Suckers to peepholes, seeking occupants. Morays march

to the sidewalks in protest, and redbacks cadence to city hall.
The conch shells have abandoned their underwater apartments

and are currently in the frozen seafood section of the Kroger, ripping
open packages. Looking for signs of life. A bed of clams has tied up

an orca with seagrass restraints, taken him to trial at the courthouse.
The ocean has pulled up shop, walked out, and simply relocated.

Humans pull back shades and in awe admire the audacity.
Remain behind locked doors. Too afraid to slip their skins

and join the revolution.

Carol Parris Krauss is a poet and teacher living in Virginia. She is passionate about the written word. This Clemson graduate has poems in various print and online magazines such as The South Carolina Review, Blue Collar Review, Eclectica Magazine, Pedestal Magazine, and Pebble Lake Review.

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