Big Cities

Let’s walk everywhere.
It’s been too long since I’ve trusted
my legs, and my heart is so tired
of carrying my weight.

I know there are trains
and buses and cars but I am tired
of waiting to depart from these
machines for the journey to begin.

On the days I wake with open eyes,
the suitcases beneath my eyelids
unpacked, I do not wish to stay inside.
I do not wish to do the things
we could have done any other day.

Haley Zilberberg is a freelance content writer based out of Miami, Florida. She has a Bachelor of Social Work from University of Central Florida. Her work has appeared in Inklette, Loud Zoo, First Class Lit, Quail Bell Magazine, and Eunoia Review.

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1 Response to Big Cities

  1. Hannah Stone says:

    Lovely poem. As a walker and poet this resonates with me.

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